Monthly Drawing For A Set of Clone Golf Clubs

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Golf Clearance Outlet Sources


There are many golf clearance outlets that can save you a lot of money in your golf equipment purchases. Just type “golf clearance outlet” into the Google search bar and you’ll see results that include everything from the largest online golf stores to the smallest outlets.

If you are looking to save some big money on your golf purchases, you will see search results for clone club suppliers. At these online stores you will find high quality clones of the major name brand golf clubs. You’ll quickly notice that the prices of the clone clubs are about one third of the name brand prices. There’s your opportunity to save some big bucks.

Look for clone golf clearance outlets these stores:


Look for brand name golf clearance outlets at these stores:


* * *

There are many additional sources for clubs at clearance prices:

1. Local golf stores

2. Local driving ranges

3. Local Pro Shops

4. Ebay

5. Amazon

Another consideration should be used clubs, especially for the beginning golfer. Let’s face it, modern day cast stainless and titanium clubs just do not wear out easily. Many can be refurbished to excellent condition with new grips, face re-grooving or polishing.